Oakland Sidney United Methodist Church
Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Double and One

Double and One Fellowship meets monthly from September through June for the purpose of fellowship and fun.


 Double and One Potluck/Program

November 18th (Saturday) at 6pm

“The Katadin Woods”


                Please come and join us for a great evening of food and fellowship followed by a talk about the Katadin Woods. This will be presented by Paul Johnson, who is a retired biologist who worked for the state. He now resides in Oakland.

                Dinner will start at 6pm. Please bring a hot or cold dish to share. Dessert, bread and coffee will be provided. Bring friends, family, visitors or people just walking by your house at that time!!

                Paul has agreed that in lieu of a fee that if each of us brings a few canned or boxed goods to be donated to the food pantry, that will be great!! Please come and support the Double and One and enjoy each others company. Thanks!!!