Oakland Sidney United Methodist Church
Saturday, October 21, 2017

Group Activities

Men's Group

Oakland/Sidney United Methodist Church

Breakfast and Work Day

 Sept. 16, 2017


Attending- Ray W., Ed M., Richard B., Rich B., Kent S., Nathan A., Peter G.


Opening Prayer- Nathan


Business- After a good breakfast (thanks Rich!) Rich told us that the group had purchased a table and 2 chairs for the parsonage porch. Double and One then purchased 2 more. Thanks folks!!

Our Feb fish chowder supper might have to change the menu as no one has gone fishing yet!! We talked about maybe a bean supper. Kent offered his bean hole bean set-up. Nathan had done some homework and found out that bean hole bean suppers are offered in Maine only!


Ray gave us the “kitty” $$, this will go down as the cost of the table and chairs has not been taken out yet.


Today we will remove the 2 old furnace boilers from the basement and also put Effie's composter out back of the parsonage.

Kent and Peter have offered to plow this winter. We will try to get the town to stay on top of removing the snow from the upper parking lot. The Men's group will take care of the walkways and the sidewalk and sanding when needed.


No date set for the next meeting !


PS- as of this writing we did get the 2 boilers out. Took a lot of effort but got the job done thanks to Kent’s guidance. First one came out very dry so Nathan went and got a Orioles t-shirt to wear for good luck on the second one which of course came out slicker than snot. Richard and Peter took them to the recycling plant and got $ for the kitty (1000 lbs) . Yahoo!!!