Oakland Sidney United Methodist Church
Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Worship Services


 Pastor Sungmin's NEW schedule


Thursday afternoons.  If you'd like to see him outside of

these hours, please call him to set a time.  Office hours

are now 9:15-11:15 AM every Tuesday.  








  Mid-Maine Bottle Challenge Facts



At Annual Conference in June, a motion from the floor was enthusiastically


approved to raise $30,000 for JFON (Justice For Our Neighbors) by the next


Annual Conference, June 13, 2019.  At the same time, we want to contribute to


the United Economic Ministry 50th anniversary year goal of $50,000.  Sounds like


a lot of money, right?




Inspired by a Green St. UMC brainstorm, the MidMaine District has come up with a



simple and fun way to rise to the occasion with a 2-liter bottle challenge.  One

2-liter bottle will hold $500 in dimes and over $150 in nickles.  Please bring

dimes and nickles between now and May 1, 2019.

What is the "UMEM?"



The United Methodist Economic Ministry, with sites in Salem, Solon, and



- Engages in mission in rural communities impacted by loss of jobs


- Offers life-changing opportunities via volunteering, mentoring and

community building


- Serves people in rural Maine in need of food, clothing, heat and adequate



- Has been partnering with God in life-changing mission and ministry for 50 years!

What is "JFON?"


Our Mission:  Justice For Our Neighbors (JFON) is a faith-driven ministry,

welcoming immigrants into our churches and communities by providing free,

high-quality immigration and legal services, education, and advocacy.


Our Vision:  "New England


JFON is recognized as an effective justice-oriented


resource for providing hospitable, compassionate and high-quality, legal


services for immigrants.  Through our work with immigrants, participating


volunteers, and congregants, we also transform our culture's

understanding of sensitivity to immigrant issues."

The above information was taken from a letter sent by Rev. Karen L. Munson,

MidMaine District Superintendent










April 1, 2018- Sermons Unavailable 

April 8, 2018- Sermon Unavailable 

April 15, 2018- 3rd Sunday of Easter
April 22, 2018- 4th Sunday of Easter
April 29, 2018- 5th Sunday of Easter
May 6, 2018- Sermon Unavailable


May 13, 2018- 7th Sunday of Easter

May 20, 2018- Pentecost