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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Building Use Policy


Oakland-Sidney United Methodist Church

Building Usage Policy


Non-Member Packet



Oakland-Sidney United Methodist Church

14 West School Street

Oakland, ME

P.O. Box 145 04963

Email: oaksoffice14@gmail.com



Building Use Policy:


The Mission of Oakland-Sidney United Methodist Church is to draw people to the saving grace of Jesus Christ, enriching our lives together through love and service.

The Mission of the United Methodist Church is to make disciples for Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.


Oakland-Sidney’s (Oak-S) goal is to be in ministry in the community and to offer life changing experience with meaningful worship, radical hospitality, and means of outreach that make a difference in people’s lives both physical and spiritual.


Building use activities fall under the jurisdiction of the Board of Trustees which manages the use of buildings and facilities. NO Usage will be approved without the approval of the trustee Chair or board in its entirety.


Oak-S has had a number of long standing relationships with several community organizations for ongoing use of the facility. Other local organizations and individuals have also used our facilities for one-time or short-term usage. Availability for ongoing usage is limited, but can be considered. Our first priority is for the program and membership needs of Oak-S. Second, priorities are for nonprofit groups that are supported by the church and other non-profit organizations that do diligent work in the community. Finally, other organizations may request use of the facility.


Approval of the use of the grounds and the facilities does not constitute or imply endorsement of any group, their mission, or their positions. Groups approved to use facilities must not advertise the event in such a way as to imply endorsement by Oak-S. NO activities or advocacy may take place within our buildings or on our grounds that conflicts with the policies and practices of Oak-S Church or the United Methodist Church.


Included in this guide are the following:

1.    Steps to Facility Use Scheduling

2.    Fees for Facility Usage

3.    Rules and Regulations of Oak-S Board of Trustees

4.    Room Use Agreement Form

5.    Release of Indemnity Agreement Form


Steps to Facility Use Scheduling:

1.    Fill out a Room Use Agreement. One is included in this packet or you may obtain one from the church Administrative assistant at oaksoffice@myfairpoint.net.

2.    Return the completed Room Use Agreement to the Church Office at least 3 weeks in advance of the event. The Trustees will evaluate your request and you will be notified whether or not it is approved. After approval, applicable fees are due at the Church Office at the time of the event.


Fees for Facility Usage

1.    Sanctuary $250.00

2.    Fellowship Hall $100.00 (without kitchen) short term event (Up to 4hrs)

3.    Fellowship Hall $150.00 (with kitchen) short term event (Up to 4hrs)

4.    Fellowship Hall $250.00 all day (without kitchen) 8:00 AM-5:00 PM

5.    Fellowship Hall $300.00 all day (with kitchen) 8:00 AM-5:00 PM




All persons and/or groups using our facilities are expected to exercise reasonable care and judgement in such use in order to prevent defacement, damage, or breakage. The persons signing the Application for use shall be responsible for paying cost incurred by the church in cleaning, repairing, or replacing any part of the building or furnishings which has been subject to more than normal wear and tear by the persons or groups involved.


Fellowship Hall Set Up:

Persons using the hall are responsible for how they would like the hall set up. They are also responsible for putting the hall back in the arrangement in which they found it. The Hall usage fee does not include cleaning. Each group is responsible for cleaning after their event.


Sanctuary Set Up:

Nothing may be moved in the Sanctuary without the approval of the Pastor and Trustees. This includes Chancel Furniture.


Organ and Piano Usage:

Neither the Organ nor Piano may be used without permission of the Church Ministers of Music and Trustees.




Sanctuary Sound System:

The Sound System may not be used without permission of the Pastor and Trustees. Only trained persons are allowed to operate the sound system.


Smoking Policy:

There is no smoking in church buildings or within 20 feet of all entryways.


Alcohol and drug Policy:

The serving, consumption, or use of alcoholic beverages, marijuana, or other controlled substances shall not be permitted at any time on church property, including the outdoor areas and parking lots.



Church policy prohibits the use of games of chance or gambling on the church premises. This would include such activities as raffles or lotteries.


Supervision of Children and Youth:

This church has adopted the policy of Safe Sanctuaries for children and youth. All users of the facility are expected to following the guidelines of this policy including the following:

        ● No fewer than two adults must be present at all times during any program or event

            involving children

          ● These adults must be 18 or older or must have completed the babysitting course offered  by RSU18


Food and Drink

No food is allowed in the Sanctuary.



No tape is to be attached to pews, kneelers, trim, altar or any surface in sanctuary.

Fellowship Hall may be decorated but must be removed after event.



There is no excess storage available for organizations other than church groups, as such, all organizations using the facility will be responsible for storing their material offsite.





We ask that all users pay close attention to personal property and valuables. Do not leave them unattended. The church is not responsible for theft or damage to personal property.


Final Decisions

In case of doubt or uncertainty by any outside person or group about the application or interpretation of these regulations or in our customary practices not specifically mentioned here, please direct all questions to the church office at oaksoffice@myfairpoint.net. The question will be directed to the appropriate person and responded to you as soon as possible.




The church reserves the right to pre-empt any facility use for its own in cases of emergencies, such as funerals. Notice will be provided to you as soon as possible.


                      Oakland-Sidney United Methodist Church

P.O. Box 145 Oakland, ME 04963

14 West School Street

E-Mail: oaksoffice@myfairpoint.net


Room Use Agreement

Please Complete Entire Form


Name of Organization  ________________________________________________


Responsible person  __________________________________________________


Address ____________________________________________________________


Phone  _____________________________________________________________


E-Mail  _____________________________________________________________


Purpose of Rental  ____________________________________________________


Event Name and Description   ___________________________________________


Date of Request   _____________________________________________________


Contact Person  ______________________________________________________


Date Requested ________________________


Start Time_________________________ End Time___________________________


Room(s) Requested

________ Fellowship Hall

________ Kitchen

________ Sanctuary


Anticipated Number of Participants ________________________________________




This Release and Indemnity Agreement is between the above-named organization or persons and Oakland-Sidney United Methodist Church.



      ● The church is the owner of the real property and improvements located at 14 West

         School Street, Oakland Maine.

      ● The Organization or person desires to use the property described above for meetings

          and or other activities.



Now Therefore in consideration of this church permitting the Organization/Person to use the Property and improvements described above, the Organization/Person agrees as follows:


The Organization/Person releases, discharges, and covenants not to sue the church or its Trustees, administrators, directors, agents, officers, members, volunteers, and employees, from any and all liability, claims, demands, losses, or damages arising out of the Organization’s/Person’s use of the Property. If any member, guest, invitee, or participant of the Organization/Person makes any claim against the church or its Trustees, administrators, directors, agents, officers, member, volunteers, or employees, in connection with the Organization’s/Person’s use of the Property, the Organization/Person will indemnify, defend and hold the church and its administrators, directors, agents, officers, members, , volunteers, or employees harmless from any and all litigation, expenses, attorney fees, losses, liability, damages, and costs arising out of such claim.



Acceptance of Responsibility


I agree to be responsible for the conduct of those coming to, or participating in, the activity for which this application is being made, and for any damage beyond normal wear and tear that may occur as a result of this activity. I will remove all signs and decorations posted by my group immediately after the meeting/event has ended. I further agree that the church property will be used in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the Board of Trustees, and I hereby consent to the Release of Indemnity Agreement.


Signature: _____________________________________________________________

Print Name: ____________________________________________________________

Title: __________________________________________________________________


Date: ___________________________________________________________________










Text Box: For Office Use Only
Room Category: _________________________________________________
Request Approved: _______________________________________________
Request Denied: _________________________________________________
Fees: $____________________