Oakland Sidney United Methodist Church
Tuesday, September 25, 2018


 Transition Team Meeting

Oakland United Methodist Church

August 7, 2017



Attending- Linda Sprague, Deanna Bacon, Lori Shieve, Peter Godfrey


New stole for Nathan- Peter and Deanna will go up to CM Almy in Pittsfield on Thursday to pick one out. Peter will check on a part of the service on the 27th where we will present him with the new stole.


Welcome banner- Linda has a roll of 28” paper and will bring in 6-8 feet of it and we will get the congregation to sign it the next 2 Sundays and we will then hang it up on the porch. We will paint the Methodist logo on it as well as “welcome”.


Nathan arrives on the 24th (AM) and Peter and Linda will be here to greet him and give him the keys. We are pretty sure he will be tired from driving so not sure what he will want to do. Linda called Joan Finnamore who told her to buy groceries and have them in the parsonage and send the UMW the bill. Thanks UMW!! We would like to have Nathan meet Ginny, Phil, Pam and Janet sometime during his first 3 days here. Phil will be there on the 24th. Ginny, Pam and Janet- please let Peter and Amy know if you will be available on the 24th-26th. Thanks. 

Hopefully Gary, Amy and/or Rob can be around on the 25th ( Friday)to help Nathan with any questions, drive him around town, whatever he would like. If anyone on those days would like to have him at their home for lunch or supper, I'm sure he would appreciate it but do not feel obligated to do so.

Deanna has offered to visit with him on the 26th and take him to lunch. If any of you can do the 25th please let Peter and Amy know. Thanks!!

We do not have to make him feel like we are babysitting him but we want him to know we are here if he has questions.


Peter will ask during announcements on Sunday if anyone would like to provide gift cards for Nathan at any of the local eateries. A $10 card would be great!


If anyone can think of something we forgot that we need to do please speak up.