Oakland Sidney United Methodist Church
Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Worship Committee


 Worship Committee Meeting February 5, 2019


The worship committee met at Merritt's home. Present were Janet Dunham, Anne Small, Joanne Cook, Linda McCann, Linda Alderson, Pastor Jeon, Pam Leavitt and Virginia Merritt.

Sungmin opened with prayer.

Feb.10 is designated to be Scouting Sunday. After discussion it was agreed that Pam would call the scout leader to see if there would be interest in scheduling something for the scouts, perhaps in March. This would also include girl scouts.

Pastor Jeon brought up interest in a program for Lent by Marcia McFee entitled “Dark Wood” . It was agreed that if it is something he would like to have that he could order it. He showed a brief clip on his laptop. He is planning to have a study , perhaps “Creed” during the Lenten season, probably on Tuesday afternoons and evenings.

Lent will begin on March 6 with Ash Wednesday.

Holy Thursday will be on April 18. Sunmin will invite the Wtvl and Fairfield Center Churches to join us for a light supper (beef stew which Linda Sprague has agreed to fix) and for the service of foot washing in the sanctuary. He also will bring up the time conflict with the food pantry committee . Dot's Closet will have to be canceled for that day.

It wasn't decided whether to have a Good Friday service.

Re. the Easter egg hunt and fun time on Saturday, April 20th, Pam will make some calls to see if there are those who will be willing to head this up.

It was agreed that the Easter services will be at 7:30, with the breakfast at 8:15 (or 8:30). Anne Small will ask Rich Baker if the men will prepare breakfast. The sanctuary service will be at 10:00.

Ginny will ask Emmons Pinkham to head up the Easter dinner. (I did, and he said he would).

There was further conversation about the sound system. Sung is concerned about those who don't hear well, and a new head set has been ordered. There were several comments about how helpful is is to have the written script of the sermon.

There was discussion about establishing a committee to address church growth, particularly how to bring in young families. Sung will talk with Marcialyn Baker to see if she will head up such a group. We talked about having church picnic, perhaps in early Sept., to get ready for the year.

Sungmin will call for the next meeting sometime after Easter.

Respectfully submitted,

Virginia Merritt